Questions and answers

1. Do I need special equipment to do internet counseling?

No. We use SKYPE or FaceTime, which are standard internet programs. 

2. Are all internet sessions secure?

All sessions are confidential and secure according to HIPPA regulations.

3. How do I set up a session for internet?

If interested you can send us an email located on our website, contact us at or text us at 917-476-8385. In our website is the intake form which you can download and return to us.

4. How do I pay for the session and what is the charge?

You can pay with PayPal or other major credit card here on our website  or provide credit card information at our first session. The fees are based on income.                                                

5. What are your office hours for the internet?

Because our clients are all around the world we will try to work with their timezone and location. We are in Eastern Standard Time and generally operate from 10:00am to 9:00pm Monday through Saturday. Let us know your needs and we will try to work with you to make it convenient. 

6. Can you provide couple counseling through the internet?

Yes. We can do multiple screens if different locations or one screen if all together.


                                                               Individual            Marriage and Family

Income under $40,000 =           $85                           $95

Income $40,000 -$60,000 =  $95                            $105

Income $60,000 - $70,000 = $105                          $115

Income $70,000 - $80,000 = $115                          $125

Income $80,000 - $90,000 = $125                          $135

Q. Do you take any insurance plans?

A. We do not take insurance directly, but act as an out of network provider for most companies. We will provide all the information you need to submit your claim for reimbursement. We suggest you check with your insurance company to see what they will provide.

Q. How many sessions will I attend and how long are the sessions?

A. We try to do all therapy as short term, which means 6 - 10 sessions. If situations are more complex, then the duration of the sessions will be in agreement between the therapist and the client. Sessions are for one hour and are generally once a week.



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